Yes, there are various discounts available for details. For details please check with our tour executive.
Flight, bus, cruise or train whichever is available or discussed in the itinerary.
Local cuisine or Indian cuisine whichever is possible or available or discussed in the itinerary.
Every itinerary has different schedule to follow. No one schedule can be specified.
There is no specification to carry medicine on the tour. But for every medicine you carry you need a prescription.
Every country needs different document for visa. Here is a general list of required documents for visa.
  • Original passport & Original old passport (recent 2 expired passport if any)
  • Photocopies of those passport (2 copies each)
  • Photo copies of Schengen Visa issue from 2005 onwards (2 copies)
  • Photocopies of valid USA and UK visa (2 each)
  • Forex purchase receipt (original and 2 copies) OR credit card statement mentioning the credit card limit
  • Any investment F.D., Property papers, Mutual Funds, LIC, Shares
  • 4 Schengen visa photographs (white background, Matt Finish, 80% face visibility, 3.5*4.5 cms)
  • Copy of IT paper for last 3 years
  • Leave sanction letter from employer mentioning the dates of leave sanctioned on company letter head. Also Name, designation and signature of the authorized signatory should be there on the letter
  • Salary slip of last 3 months
  • Retirement Proof: - a) Retirement Letter Or b) Pension Book
  • If the lady is married then she has to take husband’s Notarized NOC
  • If she is the widow then death certificate from municipality must be attached
  • If the female is minor (under 18 years) then she has to take a Notarized NOC from her parents to travel
  • If a person is Self Employed – Company registration Proof (incorporation certificate/ sales tax document) Or Partnership Deeds Or Shop Establishment Lisence
  • If a person is a Farmer – Copy of Land Papers
Either Visa will be stamped on passport or it can be visa on arrival or you can get a printed visa copy a per the embassy laws of the different countries.
Carry sport shoes or similar and clothes in which you are comfortable. Any other requirement of accessories will be informed by tour executive.

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